Our Difference

Swimming is an amazing sport and an essential life skill – it’s something everyone can do regardless of age or fitness level, it’s fun, it gives a great all over workout and it’s easy to find a pool or lake to swim in, so why do many people find it so hard?

Most of us struggle with traditional swimming techniques; spending hours struggling against the water, gasping for breath and becoming increasingly frustrated and exhausted; often we just give up and get out of the pool altogether or perhaps resign ourselves to a life of head-up breaststroke! Sadly, we also often sit and watch our children learn to struggle just like we did.

Human beings are not natural swimmers; because of our inbuilt fear of not being able to breathe and ultimately drowning, our primary concern is to find the air and so we work hard to try and overpower the water to get to our next breath. This is a pointless struggle, like pushing against a brick wall and only leads to tension, stress and exhaustion.

The good news!

Swimming doesn’t have to be this hard – at Swimmingly, we use the Total Immersion approach to help anyone to master a relaxed, effortless, efficient technique that’s based on working with the water not against it and that is easy, quick and fun to learn.

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