Baby swimming

Baby swimming

Introduce your baby to the water with our private or small group swim sessions. Our pool is lovely and warm, very peaceful and ideally suited to helping your baby learn to love the water.

We have two options:

Baby’s first swim

You’ll have private use of the pool and we’ll be on hand to guide you in the best way to introduce your baby to the water. We’ll show you some easy techniques to help develop their water confidence and skills, you’ll have plenty of time to play and unlike in most other pools, you’re free to take as many photographs and videos as you like. Sessions are suitable for babies of any age; the pool can accommodate two additional swimmers along with a couple of spectators so why not make it a special family occasion?!

Sessions last 60 minutes including changing time and are £55. For more details, dates and availability please give Sarah a call on 07966 005558

Small group lessons

Babies have a natural affinity with the water and at Swimmingly we gently nurture this, building confidence, both in the child and often the parent. With a maximum of 3 babies per class, our small group lessons guarantee individual attention and are the perfect way to help your baby learn to love the water.

Babies can be taken swimming from birth, they do not need to have completed their injections and very young babies love the freedom, massage and gentle exercise that the water offers.

There are so many benefits to both parent and baby of swimming together:

  • Plenty of eye contact
  • Plenty of skin contact – it’s a wonderful way to bond with your baby
  • Helping you and your baby feel relaxed and confident in the water
  • Makes swimming a fun and socially stimulating activity (for both you and your baby!)
  • Even parents who can’t swim can enjoy relaxing in the water with their baby
  • Only in the water, can a baby move freely and develop actions they wouldn’t otherwise be able to in their first year of life. This gives “swimming babies” the opportunity to develop crucial higher brain functions, core muscle development and co-ordination far earlier than they would otherwise be able to
  • Even though gentle, baby swimming classes provide a complete physical work-out: strengthening your baby’s heart, lungs and respiratory system, which again aids development of the brain
  • Regular swimming often improves eating and sleeping patterns

But most importantly of all, baby swimming should instil a love of water for the rest of your child’s life.

We currently have classes for babies of all ages up to 2 years old. Sessions run on Monday mornings and are £15 per baby per session.  For more details, dates and availability please give Sarah a call on 07966 005558


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