Pool hire agreement

Pool hire agreement

Swimmingly Ltd.

Pool hire agreement

The pool is in a residential area and we need to make sure we do not cause disruption to our neighbours. Cars must be parked in the designated gravelled parking area. If this is full then please park on the road below the gravelled area. Please do not park further up the road than the parking area. We will ask you to move cars that are parked anywhere else. Please walk over the stepping stones to the pool building, do not come up to the house.

The hirer and his/her group is permitted to use the pool, changing rooms and car park at Swimmingly Ltd. entirely their own risk.

The pool is unsupervised. It is the hirers responsibility to ensure they can swim adequately or use the correct swim aids.

The hirer is responsible for the safety and behaviour of their group at all times whilst on site and will ensure the Rules of the pool are read, understood and observed by everyone at all times.

Each session starts and finishes on the hour and includes changing time.  Please ensure that you leave on time and leave the pool, changing & toilet facilities as clean and tidy as they were when you arrived and report any issues.

CCTV recording for crime prevention and safeguarding is in use in the pool building.

Hire sessions, once booked can only be cancelled up to 48 hours before the start time. Any sessions cancelled after this time will incur a 50% cancellation fee. Sessions must be cancelled in writing. No refund will be given if a session is booked but the hirer does not attend without cancelling the booking as described above.

Pool Rules

Maximum number using the pool is 4.

Please remove shoes when entering the pool building.

All swimmers must shower first and wear a swim cap whilst in the pool. Please don’t use talcum powder in any area.

No food or hot drinks in the pool area. No glass containers.

No swimming under the influence of alcohol and drugs. We retain the right to refuse entry to anybody appearing to be under the influence.

There can be no diving, jumping or dive bombing as the pool isn’t deep enough.

Do not walk around the wooden pool edges or on the area behind the Fastlane unit where the toys are stored. These areas are not designed to be walked on, may be unstable and may not be strong enough to support you.

All children under 16 must be supervised by an adult swimmer at all times.

If your child isn’t toilet trained they need to have water tight swim wear; waterproof nappies alone are not sufficient. Please report any mishaps immediately – the pool will need to be closed.

No smoking.

No lone swimming.

Please do not attempt to move the pool cover yourselves.

Do not touch or attempt to empty the dehumidifier unit, if this becomes full we will empty it at the end of your session.

Fastlane Unit

The Fastlane unit must only be used by persons who have been shown how to operate it safely.

Operating instructions:

The unit is controlled by a remote control. This must be kept in the bag provided and must not be submerged in the water.

Press the ON/OFF button on the remote control to switch the unit on. Press and hold the FASTER button to increase the speed of the current, reduce the speed in the same manner using the SLOWER button. Turn off the Fastlane by again pressing the ON/OFF button. Because the Fastlane “remembers” its speed setting when it is turned off, the unit will return to that same setting the next time it is used.

The remote unit must not be used at full speed. Take great care when using the unit with children in the pool. The current is strong and can knock people off their feet.

I have read the Conditions of the hire agreement and I agree that:

I am responsible for the safety and behaviour of my group and will ensure the rules are observed at all times by everyone. I understand that if the rules are not observed the hire will be terminated immediately without refund.

I am liable for any damage to the pool, pool building or to fixtures, fittings, apparatus, equipment or any other contents caused during my hire period and agree to reimburse Swimmingly Ltd. for the cost of repair, refurbishment or replacement of any such damage.

I understand that Swimmingly Ltd. Shall not be liable to myself or anyone in my party for any loss or damage however caused to our property arising from or in connection with the use of and access to the pool and pool building.

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