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After just one lesson with Sarah, I can’t believe how much I have learned and how much more confident I feel. If learning to swim or stroke improvement is something you have been thinking about for a long time then I can highly recommend Sarah and her lovely private pool.” Dawn

Swimmingly founder Sarah Hill is the only qualified Total Immersion coach in Greater Manchester, Cheshire, Lancashire and Merseyside. She is a level 2 coach, swimming teacher and open water coach who is passionate about making the pleasure and benefits of swimming available to all regardless of age, background, aspiration or fitness levels.

Until 2008, Sarah had, like many people, struggled for years to learn to swim front crawl for any distance without becoming exhausted. Fuelled by the frustration this caused, she discovered Total Immersion and learned to swim again with the then UK Head Coach, the late Ian Smith, an experience that changed her whole understanding of swimming as well as transforming her stroke.

Since then, Sarah has worked to develop her own swimming whilst also training as a swimming teacher and in 2016, she successfully studied under Total Immersion Master coach Tracey Baumann and qualified as a Total Immersion coach.

Sarah has a great love for open water swimming; she is a long-distance specialist with numerous long lake swims under her belt including all 10.5 miles of Lake Windermere. She is keen to encourage more people into the open water and runs regular coaching sessions at her local lake for recreational swimmers and triathletes alike.

Sarah’s commitment to making swimming enjoyable and accessible to all helped her gain recognition as the I Will If You Will Bury Sporting Female Of The Year for 2015.

Sarah welcomes clients from all walks of life across the full range of swimming ability and age including adults learning to swim, triathletes, open water swimmers, recreational and phobic swimmers.

For a no-obligation chat please give Sarah a call or email – we’d be very happy to help.

Sarah Hill Total Immersion swimming coach

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