The swim studio

Our swim studio is situated in a lovely log cabin in the picturesque town of Ramsbottom just 5 minutes from the M66.

The pool has a ‘current’ of water that runs through the middle, allowing swimmers to swim in one place in the same way that a runner would run on a treadmill or cyclist on a trainer.  This enables coaches or swimming instructors to work with clients using an entirely different approach than is available at a traditional pool.

Benefits of our pool

  • Learning how to swim in an ‘endless’ style pool is an ideal way to tackle fear of the water; the pool’s compact size offers an intimate, personal setting, ideal for direct communication between instructor and student
  • It’s a safe, calm and fun environment – the personal attention and extra swimming time gives great results
  • The coach can be beside the swimmer giving immediate help and feedback on their stroke the entire time
  • Swimming against the current is a perfect way to practice swimming technique while building endurance and strength
  • Video clips can be made during sessions.  Video recording of swimming is a very effective way for coaches to observe clients and make observations about stroke technique, swimmers can use the recording between visits for continued learning
  • The swim current is adjustable from zero to race pace so you can swim continuously at a pace suited to you
  • The water quality is better than many pools so is kinder to skin and hair

If you would like more information please give us a call or email – we’d be very happy to help.

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