Water phobia swimming lessons

Water phobia swimming lessonsHas a fear of water made swimming feel impossible for you? You’re not alone – water phobia is experienced by many people of all ages and backgrounds and is a natural, normal response designed to keep us safe in what can be a hostile environment – it’s not weak or silly and is never your fault! Our simple, gentle individual approach to water phobia swimming lessons uses this understanding to help anyone quickly learn to overcome their fear of water and learn to swim – even those who have given up hope! Our friendly no-pressure approach has given us 100% success in helping people feel more comfortable in the water after just one of our 1:1 sessions in our lovely private pool.

It often helps to talk through water phobia and confidence issues so please call or email Sarah for a chat about how we can help you conquer your fear of water, there’s no obligation. If you’re ready to book click the button below and you can choose a time and day that suits you. We have helped people of all ages, our oldest client to date is 81, before he came to us he had never put his face in the water, he’s now learning to swim so it’s never too late!

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Chris’ story –

“An incident in a pool when I was 6 years old had left me with a fear of drowning if I couldn’t touch the bottom of the pool or sea…my body would tense up, my breathing would become shorter, I’d feel out of control and I’d be frantically looking for a way to the shore or the side of the pool, hoping no one would sense my panic – the feeling was awful, frightening. My embarrassment meant I just started to avoid the water unless I could stay in the shallow end – I hadn’t been in water for over 5 years until my session with Sarah.

Water phobia swimming

From the start, Sarah had told me it was understandable, natural and OK for me to have the fear I had in light of my experience. She explained I was going to learn to trust the water – I did have tears at the start of my session, I’d got very anxious that I wouldn’t be able to do it, but Sarah just kept reassuring me and letting me know everything would be at my pace and it was. That first time when I went under water and breathed properly was amazing, it felt natural, my body wasn’t tense and I felt no panic. The opportunity to practise this in a pool with just Sarah there to guide and encourage me was exactly what I needed to overcome my fear. It’s taken me 52 years to do this but now I have, I am now learning to learn to swim properly with Sarah and to make up for lost water time!”

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