If being in the water fills you with feelings of fear, dread and panic but you would love to learn how to feel calm and happy instead - welcome, you have found the solution you are looking for!

Overcome your fear of water once & for all


The answer to overcoming your fear of water in as little as 60 minutes so you can finally learn how to be comfortable in the water and swim without panic or stress (even if you’ve already tried everything)

And all without the need for therapy (just life-changing results)!

Our unique, gentle step-by-step approach is totally different from anything you’ll have tried before and it works in no time! We have helped HUNDREDS of people overcome their water phobia quickly and easily and we can help you too.

I guess you are here because you’d love to feel calm and relaxed in the water like everybody else seems to but whatever you have tried, you can’t get past the feelings of stress, panic and fear you feel whenever you get in the pool.

11 great reasons why our lessons are better! - Reason 2

Does this sound familiar?

Chances are you’ve tried to overcome your fears, you may well have tried over and over again, but nothing seems to work.

The problem is that you can’t just "DO IT"

With the wrong advice or without taking the right steps to learn the essential (easy!) skills you need, your fear can easily be made worse, and you can find yourself further back than when you started.

As you’ve most likely discovered, these approaches just don’t work and this is why:

In fact, so many of my clients have told me how the other things they tried just made them feel worse, their feelings of shame and embarrassment increased, their confidence and feelings of self-belief plummeted, and they just couldn’t face trying again. Instead, they resigned themselves to missing out forever. 

If this resonates then know that I hear you and I understand how you feel but please, don’t give up, it doesn’t have to be like this! 

There is another way - that works!

Chrissy C

Chrissy’s story

An incident in a pool when I was 6 years old had left me with a fear of water, if I couldn’t touch the bottom of the pool or sea…my body would tense up, my breathing would become shorter, I’d feel out of control and I’d be frantically looking for a way to the shore or the side of the pool, hoping no one would sense my panic – the feeling was awful, frightening. I tried to overcome it but my embarrassment meant I just started to avoid the water unless I could stay in the shallow end – I hadn’t been in water for over 5 years until my session with Sarah.

From the start, Sarah had told me it was understandable, natural and OK for me to have the fear, she explained I was going to learn to trust the water – I did have tears at the start of my session, I’d got very anxious that I wouldn’t be able to do it, but that first time I went underwater and breathed properly was amazing, it felt natural, my body wasn’t tense and I felt no panic.

The opportunity to practise this with Sarah to guide and encourage me was exactly what I needed to overcome my fear. It’s taken me 52 years to do this but now I have, I am now learning to learn to swim properly with Sarah and to make up for lost water time!”

Chrissy can now swim front crawl in comfort and loves open water swimming in lakes and the sea! Brilliant!

This is where I come in

I understand, I really do!

This is where I come in
I understand, I really do!

Sarah Hill 2 1


Hi! I'm Sarah!

I’m a swimming coach and teacher specialising in working with adults who have a water phobia or fear of the water, helping them to change their lives by learning to be calm and happy in the water instead of stressed and frightened.

Unlike other swimming teachers, I understand exactly why people are afraid, why many have tried and failed to overcome their fears, and exactly how to help anyone quickly and easily find their peace and freedom in the water. 

I am the creator of From Panic to Peace – the 5 step programme that will help anyone easily overcome their fear of water and that has 100% success in helping someone learn to feel comfortable in the water often in just one quick pool session – even those who have tried everything and given up hope!

As well as over 8 years coaching experience, I am a qualified Swimming Teacher, Open Water Coach and specialist Total Immersion Swimming Coach.

I love helping people overcome their fears, there is nothing that is more rewarding or thrilling for me than to see the joy on someone’s face as they achieve peace in the water often when they have spent years and years believing that it was impossible for them.

It’s like a miracle every time and I want you to experience your own miracle too.

So, if you’re ready to finally overcome your fears once and for all, I’m with you every step of the way.

Rebekah's Story

"Truly life-changing stuff and if I can do it, anyone can.

“I was born in the 70s and my parents were non-swimmers. I had the standard swimming lessons at school and learned to swim (badly) and to have a terrible fear of water, by about 11 years old.

I have spent all my adult life avoiding the water and/or being terrified when I was in it. I have two teenage boys and a husband who are all competent swimmers and comfortable with all water-based activities that I could never participate fully in. The prospect of a family kayaking holiday finally prompted me to see if there were any adult swimming lessons available and fortunately, I found Sarah and Swimmingly!

Arriving for my first lesson was hard and even talking about my fear of the water made me cry. I started my lessons not really believing that I would be able to conquer my fears. Sarah was so patient, kind and understanding from the outset and I always felt supported and not pressured. The techniques that she uses and the skills that she has are remarkable.

The progress I have made, from not being able to put my face in the water and fearing getting splashed or ducked under, to being able to swim underwater confidently, is a startling change. My goal, when I started my lessons, was to be able to jump into the water…and here we are – I did it!

This is truly life-changing stuff and if I can do it, anyone can.”

Amazing achievement! 👏🏻👏🏻

Swimming progress

I want you to know - it’s not just you!

At the moment you’re probably blaming yourself for your fear, beating yourself up and wondering why you can’t do something everyone else seems to be able to find so easy.

Please know that you’re not alone – it’s not just you! A fear of water is experienced by one in four of us – millions of people of all ages and backgrounds, and despite what you might believe, there’s no shame in being wary of the water, in fact it is a natural, normal response designed to keep us safe in what can be a hostile environment – it’s not weak or silly and is never your fault!

The truth is that with the right teaching and understanding, it is absolutely possible for ANYONE to overcome their fears (yes even you!) and it’s easier than you think.

You just need to go about it in the right way


Overcome your fear of water so you can finally join your friends and family in the pool

From stress and panic to confidence and peace in 5 simple steps

Overcome your fears once and for all – in as little as one hour in the pool
(even if you’ve tried everything!)

A unique, gentle step-by-step approach, available through face-to-face lessons and as a self-paced online programme that is totally different from anything you have tried before – and it works!

Developed using the knowledge gained from eight years spent helping many hundreds of happy clients overcome their fears, our step-by-step programme offers the missing parts of the jigsaw, the crucial steps that other approaches miss, it’s a quick and easy solution and it works – 100% of the time.

Step 1

Understand your fear

Your mindset is keeping you stuck in your fear but once you take a closer look and you understand why you have a fear you will start to see things very differently and you’ll see that there is a way forwards.

Everything else you have tried will have missed this step – and it’s crucial!

Step 2

Change your story

Your new understanding will enable you to see how your thinking affects you in the water; take a few minutes to make the easy changes to your thought-processes that will help transform your experience of the water and make anything possible.

Everything else you have tried will have missed this step – and it’s crucial too!

Step 3

Keep your brain happy

Now you have started to think about your fears in a new way, you’re ready to learn the essential easy little-known skill that will stop the panic in its tracks so you can stay in control, panic-free, safe and calm in the water. 

Everything else you have tried will have missed this step – and guess what – it’s crucial as well!

Step 4

Skills for water comfort

Use your new-found understanding to master the simple practical skills that will stop the panic in its tracks. Learn exactly what to do, how to do it and why you need to do it.

Other solutions start here but they’ve missed the crucial skills you need to learn before you even think about getting in the water – so they just don’t work!

Step 5


Now you know exactly how to stop the panic; learn how the water wants to help you and how it works to support you as you start to discover the true joy and peace it brings.

Other solutions just don’t do this!

Let's be honest, this is life-changing!

So, how would it feel if...

...and what if you could achieve this far more quickly
than you imagine with no stress or discomfort?

From Panic to Peace in 5 easy steps

Two fabulous options to choose from, guaranteed to help you feel better in the water in just one pool session or we’ll give you your money back!

Private 1:1
Water Confidence Breakthrough lessons with Sarah

Finally! The answer you have been looking for - overcome your fears and learn to love the water with our life-changing 1:1 lessons held in our lovely private pool studio.

Overcome your fear of water - even if you can't get to me for a lesson

Water Confidence Breakthrough Self-paced Online Programme - we bring the lessons to you – let Sarah take you step by step through everything you need to overcome your fears and find your freedom in the water

VIP Lessons

The self-paced programme plus access to an exclusive Facebook support group and 6-months of weekly group support calls with Sarah to help skyrocket your progress

VIP Programme - fast-track your progress!
Starts January 2024!

Our new VIP option includes the self-paced programme plus access to an exclusive Facebook support group and weekly group support calls with Sarah to help skyrocket your progress.
You won't find support like this anywhere else!
Limited places - use the button contact Sarah to register your interest today!

“I didn’t believe it when I read that people had overcome their phobias in an hour. How is that possible!? I’ve been trying and trying for years I’m 63 now I didn’t think I would ever be able to do it. Maybe other people could but not me. But I was totally wrong! After just an hour I felt so much better, I understood why I had a phobia, that it was okay to have it and I knew exactly what to do to continue to help myself become more comfortable in the water. If I could go from terrified to going under the water happily with no worries at all by the end of the session then so can you.“
– Sue F.
Aged 63
“Just had one of the most amazing afternoons...learned to breathe out underwater and put my face in! Sarah patiently listened, and gave me self-belief to do things that I have never been able to do. I have gone from hating water on my face, fear of water up my nose to be able to float face down and breathe out....swim breast stroke without panic and a sore neck and start to look at front crawl. Loved it so much that I have booked myself on the front crawl group sessions. Best thing for my self-esteem in a long time. I cannot recommend Swimmingly enough tbh“
– Tracey
Aged 63
“I have tried for years and years to overcome my water phobia, I was worried that I was a hopeless case but Sarah was so reassuring and understanding. I was so surprised to that I actually thoroughly enjoyed my water confidence lesson and can’t believe it took less than an hour for me to be happy with my face in the water and floating, things I didn’t think I would ever be able to do. I wish I’d found Sarah years ago! ”
– John P.
Aged 64
“I am absolutely amazed that in one hour Sarah got me from being terrified of being in the water, to swimming with my face underwater. Absolutely amazing, I recommend anyone with a fear of the water to try a lesson with Sarah!”
– Nikkie
“Never thought I'd be able to swim with my head in water one lesson and I achieved that and so much more highly recommended a wonderful teacher and fab technique after 50 years of swimming with my head up my stroke has been transformed”
– Gayle
“I can't recommend Sarah highly enough. She's not only a brilliant swimming teacher/instructor/coach. She completely understands the barriers that so many people have regarding swimming and water confidence. Even if you just try one lesson, you will be amazed at the results! ”
– Ruth
“Sarah is the 1st swimming instructor I have found who truly "gets it" when it comes to water fears and phobias.”
– Richard
“It’s taken me 52 years to do this but now I have, I am now learning to learn to swim properly with Sarah to make up for lost water time”
– Chris C.
“This has to be one of the best things I have ever done! Before I came to Swimmingly I would panic in water as soon as it splashed my face, so to go from being so afraid to swimming with my face underwater, and actually really enjoying it, all in less than an hour’s tuition, is truly amazing! Thank you so much!“
– Jane L.
“I have had some bad experiences with swimming lessons because of my fears but my lesson with Sarah was totally different. She was incredibly welcoming and supportive and put me completely at ease. I already feel that I’ve cracked a huge part of what was holding me back in the water. It was the best time and money I’ve spent on myself in a long time“
– Tracey P.
“I live a long way from Sarah and couldn’t get to her for a lesson. I saw she had an online video course option so decided it was worth a go. To be honest, I wasn’t sure that an online course would work but it did! I worked through it step by step and practised in a local hotel pool and found that if I followed the steps just as Sarah explained, it just worked – like magic! I can now relax in the water, put my face in happily and am looking forwards to learning to float and swim. Brilliant!”
– Jonathan P.
Swimming Inco 1200x675 1

START today With our Free guide!

How to FINALLY free yourself from your fear of water (and why nothing else has worked to date)

You CAN overcome your fear of water (even if you’ve already tried everything), you just need to go about it in the right way!

My insight-packed PDF will help you kick-start your journey to water confidence in just a few easy steps – and you don’t even have to go to the pool!


This course is aimed at adult swimmers so the minimum age is 18.

This course is suitable for people who can already swim (any stroke, anyhow) and are confident with their face in the water and in the deep end of a swimming pool. If you are not yet at this stage please get in touch with us to book some one-to-one lessons.

These sessions are about learning good technique, so we do not swim lots of lengths. This means that they shouldn’t be physically tiring. However, learning something new requires focus and concentration so sometimes people find them mentally tiring!

Please bring your swimming costume or trunks (close-fitting are better), swim cap, goggles, drink and a towel.

There is plenty of car parking at the school.

Unfortunately, refunds can’t be offered, but wherever possible we will try to accommodate you on a different course.

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Get in Touch

It often helps to talk through water phobia and confidence issues, so please get in touch with your details and I’ll call you back for a confidential chat about how we can help you conquer your fear of water, there’s no obligation.

We’d be very happy to help.