Triathlon Swimming

Can you cycle and run for miles but struggle to swim without stress and exhaustion?

You’re not alone, many successful athletes find that swimming can make them feel unfit, uncoordinated and frustrated.

Swimming should be easy, not exhausting!

The good news is that swimming doesn’t have to be a slog, our triathlon swimming lessons have helped hundreds of triathletes of all swimming backgrounds, including beginners, learn to swim smarter better and faster without stress or injury and without spending hours swimming endless boring lengths!

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swimming is different

The problem – swimming is different!

Are you spending tedious hours swimming laborious lengths with kickboards and pull buoys but seeing very little improvement?

It doesn’t seem to make sense – after all, time on your feet and time in the seat help your improve your running and cycling. Why not for swimming? It’s because water is a completely different medium from air and so the rules are different. If you try to improve by swimming more and harder (an approach that comes naturally for cyclists or runners), you’ll mainly make your “struggling skills” more permanent; you’ll be a fitter flailer, but still not a good swimmer.

The solution – learn to swim smarter!

Unless you are an elite athlete, your smartest goal on the swim leg is to exit the water with a low heart rate; the swim leg is so short in comparison to the bike and run that a speedier swim, by itself, won’t make a significant difference in a race that can last for hours. If you do work hard enough to pick up a few minutes in the swim, that effort can easily cost you many minutes back on land.

Energy is your most precious commodity in triathlon, learning to save energy on the swim—to ‘spend’ on the bike and run—will repay you many times over.

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Triathlon Swimming lessons

Our triathlon swimming lessons use the Total Immersion swimming technique – a step-by-step approach that will quickly get you balanced, streamlined and swimming with maximum efficiency – you’ll swim faster whilst saving energy for the bike and run. We’ll show you how practicing swimming in a completely different way from how you train for the other two disciplines can hugely improve your performance, potential, and fulfilment in triathlon.

Our private 1:1 90-minute introductory lesson starts with an in-depth video analysis of your stroke, we’ll work alongside you in the pool using drills and focal points specific to your needs with ongoing video playback and hands on correction when required. After each session we’ll send you a selection of analysed and annotated videos along with a personalised practice plan to help you quickly master the skills taught.

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If you want to see super-quick progress, we offer great value packages of 5 lessons and regularly schedule small group day workshops and front crawl courses