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Adult Swimming is an amazing sport and an essential life skill

It’s something everyone can do regardless of age or fitness level.

It’s fun, it gives a great all over workout and it’s easy to find a pool or lake to swim in, so why do many people find it so hard?

Most of us struggle with traditional swimming techniques; spending hours struggling against the water, gasping for breath and becoming increasingly frustrated and exhausted; often we just give up and get out of the pool altogether or perhaps resign ourselves to a life of head-up breaststroke! Sadly, we also often sit and watch our children learn to struggle just like we did.

Human beings are not natural swimmers – we’re ‘hard wired’ to fight against water. The big mistake most swimmers make is trying to overpower it. Since water is approximately 880 times denser than air, moving through it creates a lot of resistance and drag.  Raw power is counterproductive; it’s like pushing against a wall. It is said that 95% of energy is wasted when swimming. Together with traditional teaching methods such as a focus on kicking, pulling and endless tiring laps, it’s no wonder that so many people struggle with swimming and hit that glass ceiling

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11 Great Reasons why our lessons are better!

Maybe you have bad memories of lessons as a child, have struggled to learn with the ‘old school’ approaches that are so common or perhaps you’re just not making progress with your lessons or tri club. It is clear that however well-intentioned, swimming lessons and coaching don’t always help you achieve your goal – and despite what you may think, it’s not your fault, it’s the fault of the lessons that haven’t met your needs.

The Good News!!!

Swimming doesn’t have to be this hard! At Swimmingly, we use the Total Immersion approach; teaching swimmers of all ages and abilities to swim more like fish than humans; learning to work with the water, rather than battling through it. We can help anyone master a relaxed, effortless, efficient technique that’s easy, quick and fun to learn.

For more details and a no-obligation chat please give us a call on 07966 005558 or email – we’d be very happy to help.

The Swim Studio - Swimmingly, Manchester

Our swim studio is situated in a lovely log cabin in the picturesque town of Ramsbottom just 5 minutes from the M66.

The pool has a ‘current’ of water that runs through the middle, allowing swimmers to swim in one place in the same way that a runner would run on a treadmill or cyclist on a trainer.  This enables coaches or swimming instructors to work with clients using an entirely different approach than is available at a traditional pool.