About Sarah

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Hi, I'm Sarah, head coach at Swimmingly

I love swimming and I am passionate about making the pleasure and benefits of swimming available to everyone, regardless of age, background, aspiration or fitness level by offering a different, better way of learning to swim without stress, exhaustion or struggle.

I’m a Level 2 swimming teacher and open water coach and the only qualified Total Immersion coach in the North of the UK.

I rediscovered swimming in my 40’s and just couldn’t find any lessons that I enjoyed and that actually helped me improve. I had a dream – to swim all 10.5 miles of Lake Windermere and I was despairing that I’d ever find a way to learn to swim well enough to do it!

And then something amazing happened, I discovered a whole new way of swimming that totally changed not only my swimming but my life too! I quickly and easily learned to swim without stress, breathlessness or injury, I loved every stroke and achieved my Windermere goal with ease.

I was so inspired by what I had learned that I trained as a coach and over the last seven years have helped hundreds of people of all swimming aspirations to discover their own love of swimming and swim better than they ever dreamed possible.

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