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Sarah Hill
Sarah Hill
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Total beginner?
Want to improve your technique?
Determined to smash that triathlon swim?

Or maybe you would just love to finally overcome a fear of water?

Our revolutionary, fail-safe, step-by-step approach makes swimming easy and enjoyable whatever your goal.

Private swimming lessons for adults of all swimming abilities and aspirations who want to quickly and easily learn how to swim without feeling stressed, breathless or exhausted so they can enjoy every stroke, even if they don’t have youth or fitness on their side.

If being in the water fills you with feelings of fear, dread and panic but you would love to learn how to feel calm and happy in the water - welcome, you have found the solution you are looking for!

Overcome your fear of water once & for all

Swimming doesn't need to be hard!

We get it, we really do, we know swimming can be hard but with the right understanding and teaching it really doesn’t need to be.
Our lessons will help every type of swimmer swim better than they thought possible and our life-changing water confidence breakthrough lessons will help you feel more comfortable in the water in as little as 60 minutes even if you’ve been trying for years!

We are not like other swimming schools!

We know that not all swimming teaching is equal – maybe you have bad memories of lessons as a child, have struggled to learn with traditional group lessons; perhaps you’re still struggling to breathe comfortably after loads of lessons or just not making progress with your lessons or club.

Despite what you may think, it’s not your fault, everyone can learn to swim well, you just haven’t found the right teacher yet!

Swimmingly Services

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Adult Lessons

Want to learn how to swim quickly and easily without stress or struggle?

Overcome your fear of water - Swimmingly lessons

Overcome Your Fear of Water

Ready to overcome your fear of water in as little as one hour?

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Triathlon Lessons

Want to smash your triathlon or event and enjoy every stroke?

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Hi, I'm Sarah!

Adult Swimming Specialist

I love swimming and I am passionate about making the pleasure and benefits of swimming available to everyone, regardless of age, background, aspiration or fitness level by offering a different, better way of learning to swim without stress, exhaustion or struggle.

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Total Immersion

Discover how we get such great results


Why is swimming
so hard?

11 great reasons why our lessons are better!

The truth is, it really doesn’t need to be.

Our free download will show you why swimming can be hard, how it really works and how anyone, yes even you, can learn to swim with ease and enjoyment.


Overcome your fear of water – this is life-changing!

Overcome your fear of water - Swimmingly lessons

It’s easier than you think for anyone to overcome their fear of water – yes, even you!

Our free mini-course will help you kick-start your journey to water confidence in just 10 minutes and you don’t even need to get your feet wet!