Private Swimming lessons for adults


Our next Front Crawl For Beginners small group course starts in SEPTEMBER

If you’re a seasoned swimmer, absolute beginner or somewhere in between and want to learn to swim without stress, exhaustion or struggle – we can help!

Lessons at Swimmingly are different from those offered by other swimming schools and coaches; we totally understand that learning to swim can be a challenge but taught in the right way it really doesn’t have to be difficult or stressful. And, after teaching countless adults to swim better than they ever thought possible we know exactly how to make swimming easy and enjoyable.

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One-to-one lessons are held in our private ‘endless’ pool studio

We work alongside you in the water so we can show you what to do and help you get it right. Most of our lessons use video for instant feedback and we’ll send you a selection of analysed videos after your session along with an individually tailored practice plan so you will know exactly what to do to keep improving your swimming after your lesson.

Our straightforward step-by-step approach combined with your own practice sessions means that you’ll learn very quickly, and if you get stuck between lessons just get in touch and we’ll happily help.

Private swimming lessons for adults

Times shown include changing time

Private Introductory Lesson £108

If you are confident in the water and want to learn to swim or improve your swimming – start here!
A 90-minute introductory session for swimmers of all abilities where we’ll have a look at how you’re swimming now (don’t worry if you don’t feel you can’t swim at all!), show you how to build on your existing skills to improve your swimming straight away. We’ll use video during the session for instant feedback and after your lesson we’ll send you some analysed videos along with individually tailored follow-up information so you know exactly what and how to practise to help you progress as quickly and easily as possible.

Follow up 60-minute
Private Lessons £88

Follow up lessons if you’ve been to us before and would like to take the next step or check in on your progress

Package of 5 Lessons £398

If you want to see real progress then a package of 5 lessons will save you more than 10%. The 5 lessons can be taken over a year and will help keep your practice focused and effective and your progress on track. It’s best to come for an assessment session first so you can make sure you like us!

* It’s really important to attend all the sessions. I’m afraid we won’t be able to offer refunds or offer alternative sessions for any session you may miss but we will do our best to make sure you have the materials and advice needed to catch up

Sessions are suitable for adults of all ages and backgrounds swimming for fitness, fun or triathlon.

You don’t need to be super-fit or be able to swim lots of lengths!

If you are not confident in the water or have a water phobia or fear of water please have a look at our specialist water confidence lessons or

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To get the most out of the course it is best to attend all the sessions. I’m afraid we won’t be able to offer refunds or offer alternative sessions for any session you may miss but we will do our best to make sure you have the materials and advice needed to catch up.

This course is aimed at adult swimmers so the minimum age is 18.

This course is suitable for people who can already swim (any stroke, anyhow) and are confident with their face in the water and in the deep end of a swimming pool. If you are not yet at this stage please get in touch with us to book some one-to-one lessons.

Yes. The course is aimed at people who can already swim a bit but want to learn or improve their front crawl. We welcome a range of abilities including people who can not swim any front crawl. You need to be comfortable putting your face in the water and swimming in the deep end.

Yes. We will teach you how to be more efficient and relaxed in the water so that you swim faster and save energy. Video analysis will show you where you can improve, and we will give you all the drills and skills needed to practice in your own time.

These sessions are about learning good technique, so we do not swim lots of lengths. This means that they shouldn’t be physically tiring. However, learning something new requires focus and concentration so sometimes people find them mentally tiring!

Please bring your swimming costume or trunks (close-fitting are better), swim cap, goggles, drink and a towel.

There is plenty of car parking at the school.

Unfortunately, refunds can’t be offered, but wherever possible we will try to accommodate you on a different course.

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Get in Touch

Teaching is delivered by Sarah Hill, a fully licensed Total Immersion Swimming Instructor in a small group of up to 5 swimmers.

If you would like more information please give us a call on 07966005558 or email

We’d be very happy to help.