The secret to staying calm in deep water

If you’re currently on the journey to overcome your fear of water or if you have yet to make a start, your first job is to learn how to stay calm and panic-free in the shallow end. However, it’s completely understandable if your mind wanders to thoughts about how you’ll handle deeper water, where touching the bottom isn’t an option.

But, take a moment to step back and set aside those thoughts of deeper water for now. It’s natural to feel tempted to imagine what the deep end might be like, but doing so inevitably creates a story in your mind—likely a negative and frightening one. This emotional reaction can lead to tension and discomfort, making it harder to stay calm and present; your thoughts can become overwhelming and may even stop you from beginning your confidence journey.

So, instead of letting your thoughts run wild, make a gentle agreement with yourself: you don’t have to entertain thoughts of the deep end until you truly feel ready; you don’t have to think about it at all, in fact, you never have to go to the deep end at all if you don’t want to.

In the meantime, focus on building your confidence by getting the help you need to first learn to stay calm and safe in the water and then learn to float in shallow water (and yes, you will be able to float, you just haven’t learned how yet!). The goal is to reach a point where you have complete trust that the water will support you without fail.

Once you know absolutely that the water holds you up in the shallow end, you will know absolutely that the water will hold you up in the deep end and you’ll find that your readiness for the deep end naturally follows.

Remember, this journey from fear to water confidence is incredibly valuable and worthwhile. Take your time in the shallow end—it doesn’t matter how long it takes. You’ll know when you’re ready for the deep end, and until then, it’s perfectly okay to stay safe, in control, and happy in the shallows. Your journey is unique, and you’ll know when you’re ready to take that next step.

If you’d like some expert help, our face-to-face and online water confidence programmes are guaranteed to help you learn to be safe, in control and panic-free in the water, even if you think it’s impossible for you. Click here for all the details

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